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Copyright for WCPSS

Page history last edited by Sue Moody 10 years, 4 months ago

Copyright for WCPSS


This wiki attempts to provide accurate, up-to-date copyright information. It is not intended to take the place of legal advice.  It is maintained by WCPSS Library Media Services.


For educators, many times there is no clear yes or no in understanding what Fair Use means under the Copyright law.  It is a matter of interpretation.  However, copyright is the law.  It is a law that was written to protect the rights of creators of intellectual and creative property.  We, as educators, are obligated to study and then to follow the law to the best of our understanding. 

Also, we serve as models for our students.   In today's digital world, understanding whether or not one is infringing upon someone else's copyright has become even more difficult.  The law has not kept pace with the technology.    We are still obligated to do our best to follow the law.  Finding ways to keep up with current developments is also important.  Be aware that currently you will find Internet sites with a conservative view and ones with a more liberal view of copyright behaviors.  It is best to ask for permission than to seek forgiveness.  


      The very best place to start:  Click to go to Copyright 101


The image above was created in Adobe Illustrator by [Fix User:Fastfission]. It is released under the a Creative Commons license below. The copyright symbol ("©") is simply pictorial — the copyright restrictions on this image are only those as spelled out in the license below. 






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